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dc.identifier.citationIrish Biogeographical Society, 'Bulletin of the Irish Biogeographical Society', [journal], Irish Biogeographical Society, 2005-12-02, Bulletin (Irish Biogeographical Society), Vol. 29
dc.description.abstractSurveys of the insects, spiders and other invertebrates of fens in Counties Armagh, Down and Tyrone, Northern Ireland / Brian Nelson -- An update on blackfly species (Diptera: Simuliidae) and their distributions in Irish freshwater habitats / Deirdre Tierney, Wayne Trodd and Mary Kelly-Quinn -- Some distribution records for Irish sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) / J P. O'Connor -- The status of the members of the genus Oligia Hubner, 1821 (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Ireland / Ken Bond -- The aquatic mollusc fauna of the Grand and Royal Canals, Ireland / Evelyn A. Moorkens and Ian J Killeen -- Interpreting breeding habitat from the presence of adults when Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) are used in biodiversity assessments / Jervis A. Good and Gerard J. A. M. Jagers op Akkerhuis -- Spring-fed fen as a habitat for Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) at Pollardstown Fen, Co. Kildare, Ireland, with an assessment of staphylinid sampling by Malaise traps / Jervis A. Good -- Neobisium carpenteri (Kew) (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones) - a false scorpion new to County Kerry, Ireland / Keith N. A. Alexander -- Distribution of estuarine Naididae and Tubificidae (Oligochaeta) in Munster, Ireland / Pascal Sweeney -- Platycheirus aurolateralis, P. scutatus and P. splendidus (Diptera: Syrphidae) in a Co. Dublin garden, Ireland / Martin C. D. Speight -- Farms as biogeographical units 5: the response of Odonata to increased habitat availability on a farm in Co. Cork, Ireland / Martin C. D. Speight and Jervis A. Good -- Achalcus britannicus (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) new to Ireland / Martin C. D. Speight -- A review and update of the mesostigmatid and prostigmatid mites of the marine littoral and supralittoral in Ireland based on the work of J. N. Halbert (1872-1948), including a checklist, revised nomenclature, collecting sites and recent records of mites / R. A. Baker and R. A. Bayliss -- Notes and records on some Irish Orthoptera and Dermaptera / Martin Cawley -- The first records of Ameletus inopinatus Eaton, 1887 (Ephemeroptera: Ameletidae) in upland streams in Co. Kerry, Ireland / Jan-Robert Baars, Róisín Lyons and Mary Kelly-Quinn -- The craneflies (Diptera) ofIreland. Part 3. Limoniidae: Dactylolabinae and Limnophilinae / P. Ashe, J P. O'Connor, P. J Chandler, A. E. Stubbs and R. I. Vane- Wright -- The craneflies (Diptera) of Ireland. Part 4. Cylindrotomidae / P. Ashe, J P. O'Connor, P. J Chandler, A. E. Stubbs and R. I. Vane-Wright -- A catalogue and index of the publications of the Irish Biogeographical Society (1977-2004) and First supplement to A bibliography of Irish Entomology.en
dc.publisherIrish Biogeographical Societyen
dc.titleBulletin of the Irish Biogeographical Societyen
dc.contributor.corporatenameIrish Biogeographical Societyen
dc.relation.ispartofseriestitleBulletin (Irish Biogeographical Society)en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesvolumeVol. 29en

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