The Researcher is an initiative of the Refugee Documentation Centre. It is an electronic newsletter distributed by e-mail and published quarterly. The purpose of The Researcher is to provide our clients and interested parties with up to date information on developments in the RDC. Published 2006 -

Recent Submissions

  • The Researcher 

    Ahmed, Elisabeth; Becker, Hilkka; Stanley, John; Goggins, David; Healy, Noeleen; Panhoelzl, Boris (Refugee Documentation Centre, ireland, 2018-04)
    The Researcher, 13, 1, 2018-04
  • The Researcher 

    Ahmed, Elisabeth; Brazil, Patricia; Gartland, Rose; Collins, Brian; Hand, David; Goggins, David (Refugee Documentation Centre, ireland, 2017-11)
    The Researcher, 12, 1, 2017-11
  • The Researcher 

    Ahmed, Elisabeth; O'Madagáin, Caoimhín; Healy, Noeleen; Hamilton, Luke; Goggins, David (Refugee Documentation Centre, ireland, 2016-10)
    The Researcher, 11, 2, 2016-10
  • The Researcher 

    Ahmed, Elisabeth; Katibi, Dounia; Byrne, Michael; Dowling, Patrick; Healy, Noeleen; Goggins, David; Panhölzl, Boris (Refugee Documentation Centre, ireland, 2016-04)
    The Researcher, 11, 1, 2016-04
  • The Researcher 

    Ahmed, Elisabeth; Hennessy, Maria; McAteer, Theresa; Goggins, David; Melling, Zoe; Collins, Brian; Dowling, Patrick; Walsh, Jeff (Refugee Documentation Centre, ireland, 2015-10)
    The Researcher, 10, 2, 2015-10

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