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dc.descriptionThis report presents the findings of the Government-initiated review of the national poverty target, first set out in the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2007-2016. The review finds that the significant progress towards the interim target between 2005 and 2008 (a reduction of 40 per cent in consistent poverty) has been set back by the economic recession, despite the strong performance of welfare payments in cushioning the social impact of the crisis. Nonetheless, for one lifecycle group, older people, the target has been met, though most others, notably children and the unemployed, remain far from the target. The review examines the indicators used to define the target population and concludes that consistent poverty should continue to be the policy priority. It proposes that additional indicators, which capture emerging poverty risks, should be used to monitor progress towards the target. The review considers the interaction between the national and EU poverty targets and suggests ways by which they could be better aligned. Finally, the review considers the changed economic and policy context for implementing the national poverty target and argues for better linkages between social and economic policies, more emphasis on activation and service delivery, and a stronger focus on children and jobless households. The review concludes by setting out the Government-approved recommendations for revising the national poverty target.en
dc.publisherDepartment of Social Protection. Social Inclusion Divisionen
dc.subjectNational poverty targeten
dc.subjectPoverty indicatorsen
dc.subjectEU poverty targeten
dc.titleReport of the Review of the National Poverty Targeten
dc.contributor.corporatenameIreland. Department of Social Protectionen
dc.contributor.corporatenameIreland. Social Inclusion Divisionen

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