The Irish Journal of Paramedicine (IJP) is an open access, peer-reviewed, international journal dedicated to advancing and promoting the science of prehospital clinical care, research, education, policy, management and operational delivery, with a focus on Irish research.

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  • Irish Journal of Paramedicine 

    Batt, Alan M.; Leggio, William; Townsend, Ruth; Minihane, Kieran; Knox, Shane; Long, David Nicholas; Hobbs, Lisa; Devenish, Scott; Burns, Brian; Colbeck, Marc A.; Maria, Sonja; Eaton, Georgette; Campbell, Craig B.; Caffey, Matthew R.; MacQuarrie, Alex James; Robertson, Caroline; Micalos, Peter; Crane, James; High, Richard; Drinkwater, Eric; Wickham, James (Irish College of Paramedics, ireland, 2018-12)
    Irish Journal of Paramedicine, 3, 2, December 2018
    Editorial: Introduction to U.S. EMS Agenda 2050 / William Leggio -- Commentary: Helicopter EMS in Cork: a paramedicine perspective / Shane Knox -- Rote learning: the ugly duckling of student paramedic education? / David ...
  • Irish Journal of Paramedicine 

    Batt, Alan M.; O'Connor, Chris; Paakkonen, Heikki; Ring, Joachim; Kettunen, Jyrki; Harris, Wayne; Lucas, Peter Vincent; Eyles, Helen; Parker, Leigh; Leyenaar, Matthew; McLeod, Brent; Chan, Joyce; Tavares, Walter; Costa, Andrew; Agarwal, Gina (Irish College of Paramedics, ireland, 2018-06-08)
    Irish Journal of Paramedicine, 3, 1, June 2018
  • Irish Journal of Paramedicine 

    Batt, Alan M; Townsend, Ruth; Rae, John; MacQuarrie, Alexander; Gaumont, Damien; Knox, Shane (Irish College of Paramedics, ireland, 2017-12-08)
    Irish Journal of Paramedicine, 2, 2, 2018-12-08
    Editorial: What Australian and Irish paramedic registrants can learn from the UK: lessons in developing professionalism / Ruth Townsend -- Original Research: Out of alignment? A critical reflection on the student-teacher ...
  • Irish Journal of Paramedicine 

    Batt, Alan M.; Mason, Paige; O'Connor, Joseph; Leggio, William; Mobrad, Abdulmajeed; Martin, James R.; Samarkandi, Osama; Mubarak, Abdullah; Abdulqader, Nabeel; Strehlow, Mathew; Glasheen, John; Regan, Luke; Richmond, Clare; Edwards, Brydie; Burns, Brian (Irish College of Paramedics, ireland, 2017-06)
    Irish Journal of Paramedicine, 2, 1, June 2017
    Table of Contents: Editorial: Female Leadership in Paramedicine / Paige Mason -- Commentary: Rescue 116 - a tribute / Joseph O’Connor -- Original Research: Influence of Family on Saudi Arabian Emergency Medical Services ...
  • Irish Journal of Paramedicine 

    Batt, Alan M. (Irish College of Paramedics, ireland, 2016-12)
    Irish Journal of Paramedicine, 1, 2, December 2016
    Editorial: International and Unifying Standards of Pre-hospital Care / Shane Knox -- Commentary: Toward an International Paramedic Research Agenda / Brian J Maguire, Peter O'Meara, Andy Newton -- Original Research: Paramedic ...

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