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dc.identifier.citationIreland. Data Protection Commissioner, 'Data Protection in the Department of Social & Family Affairs : Report by the Data Protection Commissioner', [report], Data Protection Commissioner, 2008en
dc.description.abstractThis is a report of an audit of the Department of Social and Family Affairs carried out by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in January of this year. The Department fully cooperated with the audit. The Department was selected for audit in the light of its status as a major holder of personal data on individuals. Much of this data is provided in circumstances where the individual has no choice but to give the information if they wish to receive a service or benefit. The audit took place against a background of significant concerns in relation to the data protection practices in the Department. These concerns arose from audits of other organisations such as insurance companies, complaints to the Commissioner and media reports of illegal leaks of information. The report highlights specific issues of concern and a large number of areas where improvement is necessary. The need for such improvement is fully acknowledged by the Department. The Department is devoting more resources and senior management attention to data protection. It is embarked on a programme of change in its practices which should lead to an increased level of compliance with data protection requirements. The Commissioner will continue to work closely with the Department to ensure that this progress is maintained.en
dc.publisherData Protection Commissioneren
dc.subjectIreland. Department of Social & Family Affairsen
dc.subjectData protectionen
dc.titleData Protection in the Department of Social & Family Affairs : Report by the Data Protection Commissioneren
dc.contributor.corporatenameIreland. Data Protection Commissioneren

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