The Irish Society for Archives was founded in 1970 to promote the place of archives in Irish society. We publish an annual journal entitled Irish Archives, a twice-annual newsletter, and we organise lectures on topics of interest and concern to archivists, the users of archives, and the wider public. For queries regarding membership, please email (Tweet @Irish_Archives)

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  • Irish Society for Archives Newsletter 

    Johnston, Dorothy; Donnelly, Brian; O'Donohoe, Pat; Lymer, Clare; Romano, Donna; O'Leary, Kieran (Irish Society for Archives, ireland, 2021-03-22)
    Newsletters (Irish Society for Archives), Spring 2021, 2021-03-22
  • Irish Society for Archives Newsletter 

    McMahon, Deirdre; Clesham, Brigid; Clancy, Julitta; Burke, Damien; Cooney, Ciarán; Ferguson, Stephen; McEvoy, Elizabeth (Irish Society for Archives, ireland, 2020-11-02)
    Newsletters (Irish Society for Archives), Autumn 2020
  • Irish Society for Archives Newsletter 

    Lee, Ian; Rousseau, Stephanie; Refaussé, Raymond; McEvoy, Robert; Moynes, Vera; Houston, Kerry; Donnolly, Brian (Irish Society for Archives, ireland, 2020-04-16)
    Newsletters (Irish Society for Archives), 1, Spring 2020, 2020-04
  • Irish Society for Archives Newsletter 

    Moriarty, Christopher; Keating, Della; Gibney, John; Clark, Mary; Murphy, Sean J; Doyle, Helen; Rousseau, Stephanie (Irish Society for Archives, ireland, 2019-04-01)
    Newsletters (Irish Society for Archives), Spring, 2019
  • Irish Society for Archives Newsletter 

    Rice, Brian; Fahey, Fergus; Burke, Damien; Refaussé, Raymond; Milne, Natalie; Clark, Mary; Moynes, Vera (Irish Society for Archives, ireland, 2018-10-25)
    Newsletters (Irish Society for Archives), 2018, Autumn, 2018

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