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dc.identifier.citationHealthy and Positive Ageing Initiative, 'Developing indicators of positive ageing for Irish Travellers', [report], Department of Health, 2019en
dc.descriptionIreland’s National Positive Ageing Strategy (NPAS) aims to address the broader social and economic determinants of healthy and positive ageing across the life course. The NPAS draws on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Active Ageing Framework which highlights action needed on three fronts: participation, health and security. The NPAS has four goals: three based on the WHO’s action areas and a fourth which focuses on research. These goals are to: • Remove barriers to participation and provide more opportunities for the continued involvement of people as they age in all aspects of cultural, economic and social life in their communities according to their needs, preferences and capacities; • Support people as they age to maintain, improve or manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing; • Enable people to age with confidence, security and dignity in their own homes and communities for as long as possible; • Support and use research about people as they age to better inform policy responses to population ageing in Ireland. The NPAS emphasises that ‘older’ people are not a homogeneous group, and that everyone has different experiences and expectations of ageing, and these differences can arise due to differences in material resources, level of educational attainment, health status and life experiences. As such, as some people get older their risk of poor health, loss of independence, financial vulnerability or social isolation and loneliness will increase at a greater rate compared with others. In acknowledgement of this, the NPAS calls for particular attention to be paid to the need and circumstances of groups in Irish society who have a greater level of vulnerability as they age, including minority groups such as Irish Travellers. According to the most recent Census of the Population in 2016 there were 30,987 Irish Travellers resident in the State.en
dc.publisherDepartment of Healthen
dc.subjectTraveller communityen
dc.subjectPositive ageingen
dc.titleDeveloping indicators of positive ageing for Irish Travellersen
dc.contributor.corporatenameHealthy and Positive Ageing Initiativeen

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