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Muintir Mathuna - The O Mahony Society, is the international association of members and friends of the O Mahony Clan. The O Mahonys (O Mathuna in Gaelic) descend from Mathuin (Mahon), son of Cian mac Maol Muadh, Prince of Raithleann, and Saidhb, daughter of Brian Boru. Mathuin became Prince of Raithleann and chief of the Ui Eachach Mumhan in 1014 A.D.

The O Mahony Society's purposes are to foster studies on the history of the Clan, to promote interest in Irish culture and heritage, to promote and encourage the restoration and preservation of the historical sites associated with the Clan, and to promote fellowship among members.

The Society's activities embrace historical and cultural events via social meetings, a periodic newsletter, and the O Mahony Journal. The programme includes an annual Gathering of the Clan each summer in Ireland, and a Get-Together in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, or other countries as possible. Society members residing in countries outside of Ireland develop additional programmes in areas of interest and/or where members are concentrated.

Sub Collections

Recent Submissions

  • O Mahony Society Newsletter, November 2021 

    O Mahony Society (O Mahony Society, united states, 2021-11)
    O Mahony Society Newsletter, Issue 54, November 2021
    This issue's central theme is Irish/Celtic women, their strengths, and their contributions to Irish society, historically and contemporaneously.
  • O Mahony Society Newsletter, May 2021 

    O Mahony Society (O Mahony Society, united states, 2021-05)
    O Mahony Society Newsletter, Issue 53, May 2021
  • The O Mahony Journal = Iris Mhuintir Mhathúna. No.43, 2020 

    O Mahony Society (O Mahony Society, ireland, 2021-08-01)
    O Mahony Society Journal, No.43, 2020
    This edition includes more from historian Brian Sayers on the early years of the Fenian Movement, as well as multiple articles on Eoin "The Pope" O Mahony, the O Mahony Bursary, and multiple other points of O Mahony Clan ...

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