Recent Submissions

  • Spatial Bayesian hierarchical modelling of extreme sea states 

    Clancy, Colm; O'Sullivan, John; Sweeney, Conor; Dias, Frédéric; Parnell, Andrew C. (ireland, 2016)
    Ocean Modelling, 107, 2016
    A Bayesian hierarchical framework is used to model extreme sea states, incorporating a latent spatial process to more e ffectively capture the spatial variation of the extremes. The model is applied to a 34-year hindcast ...
  • Weather Presentation and Delivery – What Is the Value of This and How Can We Measure It? 

    Fleming, Gerald (World Meteorological Organisation, switzerland, 2012)
    Proceedings of the WMO Regional Association VI (Europe) Conference on Social and Economic Benefits of Weather, Climate and Water Services,
    Introduction: It has always been clear that weather information has a value, and the improvements in meteorological science over recent decades have enabled forecasts of longer range and greater certainty, ...
  • A Mesoscale Regional Reanalysis for Ireland 

    Whelan, Eoin; Gleeson, Emily (ALADIN, france, 2016)
    ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter, 7, 2016
    Introduction: Climate reanalyses are an important source of information for monitoring climate as well as for the validation and calibration of numerical weather prediction models. MÉRA (Met Éireann ReAnalysis) is a 35-year ...
  • HARMONIE-AROME Radiation Studies 2011-2016 

    Rontu, L.; Gleeson, E.; Nielsen, K.P.; Toll, V.; Mašek, J. (ALADIN, france, 2016)
    ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter, 7, 2016
    Introduction : The idea for a HARMONIE-AROME radiation comparison was presented five years ago at the annual EWGLAM /SRNWP meeting (Rontu, 2011). It was suggested that the best radiation parametrizations for a meso-scale ...
  • The influence of coastal morphology on the wave climate and wave energy resource of the west Irish coast 

    Tiron, Roxanna; Gallagher, Sarah; Dias, Frédéric (denmark, 2013)
    European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC 2013), (10th : 2013 : Aalborg, Denmark),
    Abstract —The wave climate and wave resource for two sites on the western coast of Ireland which possess steep bathymetric gradients and complex shorelines are investigated. One is situated in the southern part of ...

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