Met Éireann, the Irish National Meteorological Service, is the leading provider of weather information and related services for Ireland. Our mission is to monitor, analyse and predict Ireland's weather and climate, and to provide a range of high quality meteorological and related information to our customers. Go to for more information about Met Éireann.

The Met Éireann Library is the central repository for meteorology-related publications in Ireland. It provides information services to Met Éireann staff members and to the public.

The Met Éireann edepositIreland collection gathers, preserves and makes freely available Met Éireann publications as well as peer-reviewed articles, working papers and conference papers created by Met Éireann researchers. Where material has already been published it is made available subject to the open-access policies of the original publishers.

Sub Collections

  • AGMET (Agricultural Meteorology)

    Publications relating to Agricultural Meteorology and AGMET (Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology)
  • Agrometeorological Bulletin

    January 1971 - December 1990
  • Agrometeorological Memorandum

    No. 1-8: March 1969 - October 1982
  • Datasets

    A collection of climatological datasets for Ireland
  • Geophysical Publications

    'Geophysical Publications'; series of publications produced by the Irish Meteorological Service. Vols. I (1947) - IV (1953). Only some issues are available electronically. Contact the Met Éireann Library for access to the ...
  • Magnetic Observations

    Collection of publications relating to magnetics, including some magnetic observations recorded in Ireland 1971-1989 (incomplete)
  • Met Éireann affiliated academic papers

    Collection of journal articles, scientific reports and conference proceedings by Met Éireann staff members and affiliates
  • Met Éireann Annual Report

    Annual Reports of the Irish Meteorological Service (now Met Éireann) 1977 - 2007
  • Met Éireann Climatological Note

    The Climatological Note series has been in publication since 1972. It is issued on an irregular basis. Issues are compiled by Met Éireann staff members. The series covers a range of subject areas relating to climatology ...
  • Met Éireann Historical Note

    The Historical Note series has been in publication since 1995. It is issued on an irregular basis. Issues are compiled by Met Éireann staff members. The series focuses on the history of meteorology, with a particular ...
  • Met Éireann Technical Note

    The Technical Note series has been in publication since 1943. It is issued on an irregular basis. Issues are compiled by Met Éireann staff members. The series covers a range of subject areas relating to meteorology with ...
  • Monthly Weather Bulletin

    The Monthly Weather Bulletin is a 16-page climatological review of Ireland's monthly weather, based on quality-controlled data from over 600 weather stations. It is compiled by the Climatological & Observations Division ...
  • Solar radiation

    Collection of publications relating to solar radiation, including some solar observation data recorded in Ireland 1964-1989 (incomplete)

Recent Submissions

  • MÉRA Workshop Proceedings 

    Aherne, Julian; Cathcart, Hazel; Cooke, Laura; Correia, João; de Lacy, Joan; Dias, Frédéric; Doddy, Eadaoin; Flanagan, Jason; Florence, Graham; Gallagher, Sarah; Graham, Edward; Griffin, Seánie; Janjic, Jelena; Kidd, Chris; Lettice, Eoin; McDermott, Frank; Naughton, Owen; Nolan, Paul; Sweeney, Conor; Werner, Christopher; Wilkins, Kayla; Whelan, Eoin; Gleeson, Emily (Met Éireann, ireland, 2018-10-09)
    Weather observations are routinely used to analyse the past climate. Climate reanalyses may also be used for this purpose. These give a numerical description of the recent climate and are produced by combining models with ...
  • An Evaluation of MÉRA, a High-Resolution Mesoscale Regional Reanalysis 

    Whelan, Eoin; Gleeson, Emily; Hanley, John (Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, united states, 2018-09-14)
    Met Éireann, the Irish Meteorological Service, has generated a very high resolution (2.5-km horizontal grid) regional climate reanalysis for Ireland called the Met Éireann Reanalysis (MÉRA). MÉRA spans the period from 1981 ...
  • Using Shortwave Radiation to Evaluate the HARMONIE-AROME Weather Model 

    Gleeson, Emily; Nielsen, Kristian Pagh (MDPI, switzerland, 2018-04-26)
    Atmosphere, 9, 163, 2018
  • Catalogue of extreme wave events in Ireland: revised and updated for 14 680 BP to 2017 

    O'Brien, Laura; Renzi, Emiliano; Dudley, John M.; Clancy, Colm; Dias, Frédéric (Copernicus Publications, germany, 2018-03-06)
    Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS), 18, 2018
  • Met Éireann Updates 

    Clancy, Colm; Darcy, Rónán; Gallagher, Sarah; Gleeson, Emily; Hally, Alan; Hanley, John; Whelan, Eoin (ALADIN-HIRLAM, france, 2018-02-01)
    ALADIN HIRLAM newletter, 10, 2018-02-01

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