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The Met Éireann Library is the central repository for meteorology-related publications in Ireland. It provides information services to Met Éireann staff members and to the public.

The Met Éireann edepositIreland collection gathers, preserves and makes freely available Met Éireann publications as well as peer-reviewed articles, working papers and conference papers created by Met Éireann researchers. Where material has already been published it is made available subject to the open-access policies of the original publishers.

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Recent Submissions

  • NAO and extreme ocean states in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. 

    Gleeson, Emily; Gallagher, Sarah; Clancy, Colm; Dias, Frédéric (Copernicus publications, germany, 2017-02-10)
    Advances in Science and Research, 14, 2017-02-10
    Large scale atmospheric oscillations are known to have an influence on waves in the North Atlantic. In quantifying how the wave and wind climate of this region may change towards the end of the century due to climate change, ...
  • The HARMONIE-AROME Model Configuration in the ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP System 

    Bengtsson, Lisa; Andrae, Ulf; Aspelien, Trygve; Batrak, Yurii; Calvo, Javier; de Rooy, Wim; Gleeson, Emily; Hansen-Sass, Bent; Homleid, Mariken; Hortal, Mariano; Ivarsson, Karl-Ivar; Lenderink, Geert; Niemela, Sami; Nielsen, Kristian Pagh; Onvlee, Jeanette; Rontu, Laura; Samuelsson, Patrick; Munoz, Daniel Santos; Subias, Alvaro; Tijm, Sander; Toll, Velle; Yang, Xiaohua; Koltzow, Morten Odegaard (American Meteorological Society, ireland, 2017-02-09)
    Monthly Weather Review, 2017-02-09
    The aim of this article is to describe the reference configuration of the convection permitting Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model HARMONIE-AROME which is used for operational short range weather forecasts in Denmark, ...
  • The meteorology of the exceptional winter of 2015/2016 across the UK and Ireland 

    McCarthy, Mark; Spillane, Sandra; Walsh, Séamus; Kendon, Michael (united kingdom, 2016-12)
    Weather, 71, no.12, 2016
  • Met Éireann High Resolution Reanalysis for Ireland 

    Whelan, Eoin; Gleeson, Emily (Office of Public Works, ireland, 2016)
    Proceedings National Hydrology Conference, 2016
    Met Éireann is currently running a 35-year very high resolution climate reanalysis for Ireland, called MÉRA, using the HARMONIE-AROME numerical weather prediction model. This dataset is the first of its kind in Ireland ...
  • Spatial Bayesian hierarchical modelling of extreme sea states 

    Clancy, Colm; O'Sullivan, John; Sweeney, Conor; Dias, Frédéric; Parnell, Andrew C. (ireland, 2016)
    Ocean Modelling, 107, 2016
    A Bayesian hierarchical framework is used to model extreme sea states, incorporating a latent spatial process to more e ffectively capture the spatial variation of the extremes. The model is applied to a 34-year hindcast ...

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