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  • MÉRA Workshop Proceedings 

    Beisiegel, Nicole; Dias, Frédéric; Doddy, Eadaoin; Edvinsson, Lisette; Gleeson, Emily; Graham, Edward; Isaksson, Ludvig; McDermott, Frank; Pagh Nielsen, Kristian; Schimanke, Semjon; Sweeney, Conor; Undén, Per; Webb, Jonathan; Whelan, Eoin; Woods, Liam (Met Éireann, ireland, 2019-12-15)
    MÉRA Workshop Proceedings, 2, 2019-12-15
  • MÉRA Workshop Proceedings 

    Aherne, Julian; Cathcart, Hazel; Cooke, Laura; Correia, João; de Lacy, Joan; Dias, Frédéric; Doddy, Eadaoin; Flanagan, Jason; Florence, Graham; Gallagher, Sarah; Graham, Edward; Griffin, Seánie; Janjic, Jelena; Kidd, Chris; Lettice, Eoin; McDermott, Frank; Naughton, Owen; Nolan, Paul; Sweeney, Conor; Werner, Christopher; Wilkins, Kayla; Whelan, Eoin; Gleeson, Emily (Met Éireann, ireland, 2018-10-09)
    Weather observations are routinely used to analyse the past climate. Climate reanalyses may also be used for this purpose. These give a numerical description of the recent climate and are produced by combining models with ...

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