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    • Amphibians, Reptiles & Freshwater Fish 

      King, J.; Marnell, Ferdia; Kingston, N.; Rosell, R.; Boylan, P.; Caffrey, J.; FitzPatrick, Ú; Gargan, P.; Kelly, F.; O'Grady, M.; Poole, R.; Roche, W.; Cassidy, D. (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2011)
    • Bryophytes : Mosses, Liverworts & Hornworts 

      Lockhart, Neil; Hodgetts, Nick; Holyoak, David (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2012)
    • Butterflies 

      Regan, E. C.; Nelson, B.; Aldwell, B.; Bertrand, C.; Bond, K.; Harding, J.; Nash, D.; Nixon, D.; Wilson, C. J. (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2010)
    • Cartilaginous fish [sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras] 

      Clarke, Maurice; Farrell, Edward D.; Roche, William; Murray, Tomás E.; Foster, Stephen; Marnell, Ferdia; Nelson, B. (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2016)
      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY -- A first Red List of cartilaginous fish (sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras), showing risk of extinction, is presented for Irish waters -- Of the cartilaginous fish occurring in Irish waters, 58 ...
    • Damselflies & Dragonflies (Odonata) 

      Nelson, Brian; Ronayne, Colm; Thompson, Robert (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2011)
    • Macro-moths (Lepidoptera) 

      Allen, D.; O'Donnell, M.; Nelson, B.; Tyner, A.; Bond, K. G. M.; Bryant, T.; Crory, A.; Mellon, C.; O'Boyle, J.; O'Donnell, E.; Rolston, T.; Sheppard, R.; Strickland, P.; Fitzpatrick, U.; Regan, E. (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2016)
    • Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) 

      Kelly-Quinn, Mary; Regan, Eugenie C. (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2012)
    • Non-Marine Molluscs 

      Byrne, A.; Moorkens, E. A.; Anderson, R.; Killeen, I.J.; Regan, E. C. (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2009)
    • Stoneflies (Plecoptera) 

      Feeley, Hugh B.; Baars, Jan-Robert; Kelly-Quinn, Mary; Nelson, Brian (National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Culture, Heritage and the GaeltachtIE, 2020-01)
      Executive Summary: Based on just over 12,000 records for the island of Ireland, the 20 species of stonefly (Plecoptera) on the Irish checklist were evaluated against the Red List criteria produced by the International Union ...
    • Terrestrial Mammals 

      Marnell, Ferdia; Looney, Declan; Lawton, Colin (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2019-12)
      A new Red List of Irish terrestrial mammals is presented. This updates and supersedes the Red List published in 2009. All 27 terrestrial species native to Ireland or naturalised in Ireland before 1500 are assessed. The ...
    • Terrestrial Mammals 

      Marnell, Ferdia; Kingston, Naomi; Looney, Declan (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2009)
    • Vascular Plants 

      Wyse Jackson, Michael; FitzPatrick, Úna; Cole, Edwina; Jebb, Matthew; McFerran, Damian; Sheehy Skeffington, Micheline; Wright, Mark (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2016-12)
      This report contains the vascular plant Red List for Ireland. The threat status of native and archaeophyte (pre-1500 introductions) vascular plant species, subspecies and certain hybrids recorded from the wild on the island ...
    • Water beetles 

      Foster, G. N.; Nelson, B. H.; O'Connor, Á. (National Parks and Wildlife ServiceIE, 2009)